New education series coming soon!

    So excited about our new subscription series that we have been working on all year and it will soon be rolled out in 2017!  

    It will feature shorter webinar videos from 15 to 30 minutes of various topics like fair housing and leasing basics!  So you can pick just want you want to get more education on or motivation from and fast!  Best of all when it’s convenient for you!

    Watch your emails for all the details!  Now not only do we offer our onsite seminar's and webinar's you can join our subscription series and further your education at any time that’s good for you and your staff!!  

    There will be great pricing for your entire company or individual affordable plans as well so there will be nothing stopping you in 2017!

    If you are not registered to be on our news cub email sign up from our home page today or click here and you won’t miss a thing and you will be the first to be notified on this and all our industry news and updates!


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