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Placement Services

Direct Placement

If you are currently working and looking for a better opportunity, we can help in your search.  Just because we are a temporary agency that does not mean we can’t help you find permanent employment. Most of our candidates are looking for direct placement. Let us help you in your search!  Give us a call today and we can begin the search right away!


Temp to Hire

If you are not currently working and are able do a temp to hire this option gives you the opportunity to work with our clients first to make sure it’s a good match for you and the client.  Once we identified an opening for you we would give you all the information about the job.  If you are interested, we would contact the client to let them know and forward your information.  Once they have indicated they would like to interview with you we would them set up a time and date for you to interview with them directly.

If you both agree that you would like to do a temp to hire, we will set you up with our agency as a temporary employee and get you set up on our payroll.  We would pay you for the hours you are working with our client.

At anytime our client can decide they would like to make you an offer.   You would negotiate salary with then and the terms of employment. If you then accept their offer you would then transition over to their employee and they would set you up on there payroll.



If you are currently looking for employment and are not currently working you can sign up with us to work temporary for assignments that we get in.  Most of our openings are temp to hire or direct placement.  However, at times are clients just need a temporary person to fill in due to staff shortage, covering vacations or special projects.

If you work for us on a temporary basis we would set you up on our payroll and we would pay you hourly for the hours you worked that week.  We would then pay every 2 weeks and withhold all proper payroll taxes.

Temporary assignment can be for a day, a week and in some cases last longer.  If you would like to get set up with us to be alerted of any temporary openings give us a call today and you could start temping tomorrow!