At ABT we see a future need to help our industry survive as our baby boomers retire and the younger gens start to go out and get the jobs that will then become available to them in our industry.


At ABT we want to help bring new people into the industry and train them and help them work their way up the ladder of success.


We are currently seeking candidates for our Internship Program.  If you or someone you know is interested in a career in the Residential Property Management Industry then ABT is the right place to start!


We will train you on Leasing and the Fair Housing Laws.  We will also help in creating a resume that stands out from the crowd and help you get interviews with potential employers.


ABT will also be there to mentor you though the process and beyond should you need advice or support after you have been placed with one of our clients.


Contact ABT today to find out it the Property Management Industry or our Internship program is right for you.


6 months or less in working in the Multi-Family Housing Idusry

Willing to learn and be a part of a team!

Multi-task and organized

Must work weekends

Computer savvy - such as word and excel

People person and gets along well with others

Open to learning new things and like a challenge


We are also looking for Mentors so that every step of the way they have help to guide them to the next step in our industry.


“The reason that I am and always have been a mentor over the last 20 years is because Mentoring is a rewarding experience and has given me the opportunity to give back into the industry that I love so much while strengthening my leadership and coaching skills.


If you know of someone who would be a great mentor in the industry let them know about our mentorship program so that they can help our future generations succeed!



Contact us today for further information on how to aply for as an intern or to sign up to be a mentor!


Internship classes starting soon in Sarasota!  Be sure to call us to find out how you can become an intern!



Internship Program & Mentor Program!