Do you know how your employees are doing?

Why are Mystery Shops useful?

The mystery shop is a useful tool. A mystery shop should be a positive experience to see what areas they need to focus on as a Leasing Professional to better their skills and help them to succeed, and in turn, help you succeed.

It will help your Consultant feel more confident about how they are doing. They will learn what areas they can improve themselves and in what areas they are doing well. 

It can help them increase their closing ratios and service skills, in turn improving occupancy rates, increasing referrals, reducing fair housing liability and decreasing resident turn over.

How our Mystery Shops work

We will have one of our professional shoppers conduct a phone evaluation and an on-site evaluation of the Consultant that you choose. The shopper will complete a five-page evaluation of the Consultant’s performance. 

During the evaluation, the shopper will also comment on the customer service, sales skills, techniques, fair housing questions, signage, and condition of models, grounds and leasing office.

Call today and start helping your Leasing Consultant and your property succeed!


Mystery Shops