We asked attendees what they thought from past seminars and here is what they had to say!

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We asked attendees from past seminar’s what they thought of the seminar, this is what they had to say!


“It was helpful and easy to understand” Cara Digulio, International Village


“Laura kept the fair housing seminar light and entertaining as well as informative. Time just flew by” Stephanie P.,Remington


“This seminar was very educational and fun to me, who has been in the industry for a short time.” Tracy Arnold, Remington 


“I enjoyed the seminar and found it a positive learning experience.” Sara Cossiboon, The Ridges


“You learn very important, helpful information that you could apply in the office.” Tina Spiropoulos, Southgate Manor


“The seminar was very informative and exciting and I would recommend it to anyone in the industry.” Ann Hickey, Southgate


“The seminar was fun because I met people from different complexes and heard interesting stories. It was very informative.”
Jennifer Leonhardt, Northern Crossing


“I found the seminar Motivational and a great time.” Brad Peterson, Northern Crossing


“The teacher was very knowledgeable and kept the class fun yet interesting. I learned a lot in this seminar” Ada Vrinios, Elmhurst Terrace Apartments


“The professionals at ABT Services are the best I’ve encountered in this field” Holly Caterer, Rienzi Plaza


“The seminar was very informative. Laura did a great job answering all questions. I learned a ton!" Jenne Benton, Tree House Apartments


“The seminar was inventive fun and reassuring. I think everyone in the business should attend.” April Kruse, Briarwood Terrace


“The seminar is very educational, you get a lot of ideas from taking the course. It’s fun and you feel very comfortable".
Danielle Williams, Villagebrook Apartments