Career Placement’s in Multi-Family Housing

& Industry Training is what we do!


ABT Est. 98’


Placement fee $495.00 for rest of 2020

& possibly beyond! ( Normally $995)

No matter what position you hire the candidate for!


Our fees will include: 

* Placing an ad if nessasary

* Networking with others in the industry

* Outreach to Candidates based on your criteria


 We will send you possible candidates for consideration based on your criteria usually within 12 to 24 hours after we receive your request.


There is never a fee unless you hire someone we sent you - so you have nothing to loose!



Not interested in a Direct Hire we still can help!


Try our Direct Hire or Temp to Hire Options if you would like to work with candidates first to ensure a fit before you hire.


If you go that route and decide..... hey wait we love our temp!!

and want to hire them.... well guess what you can... 


Hire anytime!  After a day or right away!  We wont make you or the candidate wait!



Placement fee $495 for rest of 2020! (Normally $995)

Career Placement Services